Free valuations in 10 minutes

With Jetval, you can get free indicative property valuations in just 10 minutes

Indicative valuations just got super simple and seriously fast

Jetval gives you a team of qualified and experienced property valuers at your fingertips. Get their expert opinion of approximate value for your property in under 10 minutes for most types of property in Singapore.

Android, iOS, Web

Use Jetval at the office or on the move from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Full valuation history

Jetval keeps all your indicative valuations in a handy searchable list.

Share valuations

Two taps to send an indicative by SMS, WhatsApp or email to your colleagues.

Made for Singapore

Just type the start of the address, project name or post code, Jetval does the rest.

Request a review

If the value is not what you're expecting, you can provide further information to assist the valuer.

Encrypted & private

With end to end encryption, Jetval has been certified to bank security standards, including ISO27001.

Mobile App

Get Jetval on Apple or Android with our mobile app. Download. Create an account. Request and receive your first valuation in 10 minutes.

Quick and easy new valuations

Get free indicative valuations by a qualified professional valuer in less than 10 minutes.

Record of all previous valuations

Get a full archive of previous valuations at your fingertips.


Once you’ve created a new valuation, you don’t have to hang about waiting. You can get on with doing other things and we’ll send you a notification when the valuation is ready.

Jetval Cloud

Web App

The Jetval Web App gives you easy access to all your valuations on a tablet, laptop or desktop: giving you a more expensive view of what’s going on.

Encrypted & private

With end to end encryption, Jetval has been certified to bank security standards, including ISO27001.

Phone & Chat Service

We have a dedicated team of friendly valuation professionals ready to give you fast indicative valuations over the phone or online chat.

Friendly team

Our friendly team of valuers is available from 8am-9pm. Monday to Saturday (Singapore time) and after hours for registered users.

Call us on 0800 492 2457

After hours service

Registered customers can access after hours service for those times when office hours are not enough.

Phone and chat

Getting fast indicative valuations has never been easier or faster. Give us a call or open a chat window and we’ll assist you with your valuation need.

Chat with us now

WhatsApp service

If your valuation workflow revolves around WhatsApp, then we’ve got you covered. Simply add our WhatsApp number to your valuation group and we’ll provide the Jetval experience through WhatsApp with no change to your current workflow.

Keep your WhatsApp workflow

We understand that some professionals already have a good workflow using WhatsApp. To get the Jetval experience with WhatsApp, simply add our number to your WhatsApp groups and start receiving fast indicative valuations. It’s that easy.

Review Requests

You can still request reviews in WhatsApp just as you can in the mobile and web apps. Just ping us a quick message.

PDF Valuations

We’ll provide a slick looking PDF valuation for you to save, forward or print.

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